Protect File Pro

Secure file pro is a protected web webpages that enables clients to share and receive records. Its simple secure software makes it easy to deliver and obtain documents via anywhere with an Internet connection. You can even upload and download files straight from your computer. Rather than sending records by fernkopie or creating, users can securely send out them using the secure file pro net portal.

Protect File Exchange also enables users to set reminders for the recipients. You are able to choose to send reminders for the purpose of 7 days or more. Prompt emails will minimize after an individual recipient includes opened folders. You can also customise the text of the prompt email by going to PensionPro Preferences. For additional information, read “Creating and Keeping PensionPro Preferences”.

You can also gain access to the information of different employees. To watch files within secure file exchange, you should click the term of the worker and click the “Show upon PSL” field. Then, select the people you need to share files with. A confirmation email will probably be sent within just 48 several hours. When you release your documents, the secure file exchange provider will begin operating.

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